The Church Of Londonistan

Recently the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, called for England to accept and implement Sharia law for its Muslim inhabitants and gave an interview with Emel, a Muslim lifestyle magazine where he said “Our modern western definition of humanity is clearly not working very well. There is something about western modernity which really does eat away at the soul.”

This is the same type of capitulation talk that was done by Dutch Bishop Martinus Petrus Maria Muskens who also suggested that we refer to God as Allah. Reports are Muskens was “asked” to resign as a Bishop on Oct 31 2007, which was 3 years earlier than usual for that rank. When the Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, remarked that that parts of Britain had become “no-go areas” for non-Muslims, he and his family received death threats.

Johann Hari of the UK Independent gives us some examples of how the Sharia law applies to women when they divorce their husbands:

o the divorce process for a man is very simple under the Sahria law, he has to say, “I divorce you” to his wife three times over three months. A wife cannot appeal the husband’s decision and if a woman wants the same privelage of divorce she has to ask her husband’s permission.

o Irum Shazad, who was cut by her abusive husband was told by a Sharia court to return to the husband where she spent a violent filled 18 months until she was finally granted a divorce.

o Then we meet Nasirin Iqbal, a 27-year-old Pakistani woman who was shipped to Britain five years ago to marry. Her husband, Imran, has kept her isolated, and she does not speak a word of English. “I came here thinking he’d treat me well,” she says. “But he keeps hurting me. He brought me here to use me. I’m not an object…. Do I not have a heart?… He tells me I’m stuck with him, and under Islam he can treat me however he wants. ‘I am a man, I can treat you how I want’.”

o We see how Imran torments her, announcing, “You are a reject. I didn’t want to marry you.” He takes a second wife in Pakistan, and texts her all day in front of Nasirin declaring his love. The sharia court issues a fatwa saying the marriage stands. She doesn’t seem to know this isn’t a court of law. “I can’t ignore what they say,” she cries. “You have to go with what they say.”

Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle gives us more examples:

o The “Crimes of the Community, Honor-Based Violence in the U.K.” report estimatesnearly a dozen honor killings a year in Britain.

o A UK prosecutor noted that the areas where honor violence happens are the same areas that Islamists groups congregate.

While Mohammed is the second most common new-born male name in England, multiculturalists in the formerly “Great” Britain are stumbling over themselves to give away the store. Despite the fact that bigamy is a crime punishable by up to seven years in prison, government ministers have recommended allowing welfare payments to be made to all of a Muslim man’s wives provided that he wed them in legal ceremonies.

Estimated at $20M per year, Britons should be outraged that the taxpayers should have to pick up the tab for up to four wives.

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